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Troit Terra Chandi Noah
Kylie Desiree Billy J. Munch Mia
Grawesome Crutal Victoria Cougar        

Lachlan Buchanan

When muddy water rises there is no calm for the piercing heat in Troit's eyes; there is no answer for the fire and grit in his belly… When push comes to shove, he will shove the push. And then he'll beat it, rip it to pieces if he can, and then spit on it. All while never missing an opportunity to flash that crooked smile. Fearless. That silly word gets thrown around a lot. What is fearless? If you love anything, you have something to lose, if you have anything to lose, you have something to fear. Troit's not fearless, but God help anyone that scares him.

Twitter: @lachlanbuchanan
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2012 Playboy Playmate of the year: Jaclyn Swedberg

"She flirts with danger just as much as she does with all the boys. At face value Terra is absolutely gorgeous, but if you look a little deeper you'll see she's trouble. Unfortunately, after one glance her way, she is simply unavoidable trouble; and a guy can only run so fast. Terra is also the only Cape Cod local in the group, and she seemingly gets mixed up in all this madness by coincidence. Coincidences happen, and you're just seeing things, then you're hearing things, and cemeteries are just old parks.

Twitter: @Jaclyn_Swedberg
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Puja Mohindra

She's ones of those rare people that can capture you instantly. It's sudden: one minute you didn't even know she existed and the next you'll find yourself thinking that in another time and place people would have written songs for her beauty and waged wars in her name. Plus she looks great in a tight wifebeater, and despite her small frame she can hold her liquor. Chandi is the complete package. How could anyone help but fall in love with her? We'll find out I supposed.

Twitter: @PujaMohindra
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Bryce Draper

He looks like he was pulled straight from a comic book with those eyes, like the sea after a storm, and his chiseled… Well everything. An "if looks could kill" pun screams appropriate, but more on that later. Noah is not easily shaken, but when he's shattered you'll know. Fault and circumstance are fickle things, but best we can tell… Noah meant well in the beginning, rage took hold in the middle, and nobody really knows what the hell happened at the end.

Twitter: @betterwithano
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Stephanie Danielson

Ahh yes, the strong-willed, quick-witted, dream
girl who's not afraid to let the guys know she's smarter than they are. She probably has more of a dark past then she lets on, but that's a story for another time. You know what they say about curiosity and cats? Same could be said for hot chicks who aren't afraid of the dark... At one point she actually says, "I'm going to go and see if I can find anything useful in the basement." Seriously, don't laugh. I'm sure that sound in the shadows was nothing…

Twitter: @sldsass
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Laura Jacobs

Nearly drowned, half-naked in tattered clothes, with her skin badly scraped and bleeding, Desiree kicks in a door out of frustration and
disappears into a dark, seemingly empty house. Just moments later, she reappears in the doorway and announces to the group, "No phone; whiskey and vodka, but no phone." Her best friend asks, "Which did you look for first?" I won't give away Desiree's reply here, but I can tell you the phone was fourth on the list… She also looked for ice.

Twitter: @laurajacobs7
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Billy J. Munch
Grant Alan Ouzts
Everyone knows a guy who always cracks the jokes,
scores the booze, and tries his damnedest to get laid… But all while bleeding to death? Didn't think so. Well, now you do. Good ole Billy is a party "animal" of sorts: tough as a bull, hung like a horse, and bleeding like a stuck pig. Only time will tell if he is in fact indestructible, but either way you can bet he will keep us amused until the bitter end.

Twitter: @ThenGrantWrote
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Lauren Francesca

Once this beauty is stripped down to the core of her humanity her survival instincts won't just kick in… They will hit, rip, claw, pull, bite, scratch, and kick in. Hell hath no fury... Unfortunately for both hell and fury, they will "hath" to deal with Mia. Backing up some, to the presumable death of her best friend, she desperately tries to be the voice of reason when she and her friends fall into a series of unfortunate, let's call them, circumstances. Why is it that no one ever listens to a half-naked, incoherent, panicked college chick in the time of crisis?

Twitter: @laurenfrancesca
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Grawesome Crutal
Horror Legend: Kane Hodder

Raw… Terrifying… Unspeakable... You'll just
have wait and see. After you do… You might wish you hadn't.

Twitter: @kanehodderkills
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Victoria COUGAR

Gia Skova
Today is Victoria's birthday and for some reason her husband has left her all alone. That being the case, I think it's safe to say that nobody should be left alone with her. She's a man-eater, take that how you will. Dressed to kill and out for blood, she will take what she wants and make this Feast of Saint Patrick her own.

Twitter: @GiaSkova
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